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Road trip! 
07:29pm 19/05/2008
  Okay. A friend and I are organising a road trip from Brisbane to Adelaide later this year, following the coast all the way down. So apart from a detour to spend a day or two in Canberra, we'll be following the entire NSW coastline.


What towns, beaches, mountain views and photogenic hideaways outside of Sydney would you recommend for a couple of women with a ute, little money, and too much time on their hands? We'll be camping out, so while I'll keep in mind any B&B or hotel recommendations for future reference, we won't be staying there this time around. Good museums (meaning something that isn't farming implements from the 1930s) are a bonus, but no thanks to any wildlife parks. Unless they have zebras. Zebras are cool.


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09:44pm 06/01/2008
  delete this if its not allowed

I was wondering if anyones going to the brand new show at the enmore theatre on the 24th and wants to meet up or something


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03:51pm 30/03/2007

Hi. :) I’ve just created a new community, aus_penpals. The main purpose is for people living in Australia to find others as penpals and swap partners. Check it out, and feel free to introduce yourself there. xp


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03:57pm 05/03/2007

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10:38am 27/12/2006
  Hi everyone, hope you had a great Christmas without too many cares.

Sadly, sometimes Christmas is far from care-free, with the costs and stresses of getting supplies getting some people down that they can almost forget it is a time to celebrate. I'm happy to tell you that there IS a solution.

From the bottom of my heart, I can recommend the Chrisco Christmas hamper club...

With a little bit of planning, you can spend the year paying off supplies little by little. You will hardly notice that the money has gone each week, but come Christmas time, it will all add up to a wonderful hamper of Christmas goods being delievered to your house. The sooner you order and start paying, the smaller your weekly/fortnightly/mothly (whatever suits you best) payments will be.

The full range of hamper choices can be viewed online, or you can request a catalogue by calling 1800 28 28 28.

It may sound like a well-worn advertising slogan, but never a truer word was spoken when they say you can save for a magical Christmas with Chrisco.

I am not a troll, nor do I make any profit from posting this. I simply believe in this program, and am sure you will too if you give it a go.

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05:17pm 14/11/2006
  hello :)

i'm new :) i'm jo, i live in sydney :)

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Studentface $300 cash grant promotion 
05:29am 13/11/2006
  Hi all,

We are running $300 cash grant promotion. There will be one winner for the next 6 weeks. Here is the video interview with our first winner (student from Sydney University) :)



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New Forum 
03:27pm 31/10/2006
  I have just set up a forum for people travelling around Australia, or thinking of doing so. As it is new it is yet to have any activity but please go there and show your support by making posts and commenting on others posts!



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12:10am 05/10/2006
  My name is Alicia and I represent a charity project called the One Million Masterpiece.
We are aiming to make the largest collaborative artwork in history while raising $6 million US dollars for five different charities.
In July next year, the collaborative artwork will be unvieled at an exclusive art gallery in London.
I'm plugging this because I thought that you guys might be interested.
All you have to do is sign up and draw a picture for the project. There is an option to sign up for free, or you can donate to the cause.
You don't need any particular talent for drawing, though I assume that many of you do hold such talent.

www.theonemillionmasterpiece.com Livejournal Community

Thank you for your time
Alicia Thompson
The One Million Masterpiece

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We are visiting Sydney Uni 
03:02pm 25/08/2006
  Hi all,

We are putting up a stand at Sydney Uni next week (probably tuesday 29/08/06). SO if you are in the area pop by and say hello. We will be giving away official StudentFace pens and much more.

thank you.



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StudentFace.com.au has just launched! 
12:46pm 16/08/2006
  First of all I apologize for posting this thread on your community journal but I think it might be of interest to NSW University students.

We’ve been developing StudentFace.com.au for 8 months and we have just launched it (one week ago). We are now open for registrations. It is online student social networking website which aims to connect like minded students in Australia, it is first of its kind in Australia. If you find it interesting, please.... spread the word and let other students know about us. Feedbacks are much appreciated.




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Check out a new band in Sydney!!! 
10:16am 09/07/2006

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Tafe students 
05:53pm 11/05/2006
  tafe_nsw is a community for Tafe students to get together and talk... crud. Since all the Aussie Uni students have communities, why shouldn't us Tafe students?! Not just restricted to NSW students.  

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01:40pm 01/05/2006
I'm looking for Sydney (other-australia) people to join this community. It's fairly new, but I think it could be a lot of fun if we get enough people.

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05:35pm 26/01/2006
  http://www.GlitterMaker.com/ - Glitter Graphics
http://www.GlitterMaker.com/ - Glitter Graphics

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Sorry if not allowed. 
01:54pm 08/01/2006
If you're going to MARDI-GRAS in one month 3 weeks and 3 days OR you want to.

PLEASE JOIN this community!!


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Australian Dog Community. 
01:09am 14/10/2005
  Hi there. My name is Naomi. I've recently started a livejournal community for Australian dog owners. This is not specific to animal welfare, but I hope that it may be a springboard for local community cohesion concerning animal welfare. It is also a place where people can share pictures of and stories about their dogs as well as potentially discuss local animal issues, including laws, fostering and animal transportation. If you feel you may be interested please join up by clicking here: dogs_australia


(Mods, if not appropriate please feel free to delete)


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01:41pm 09/10/2005
  Do something different, see if you have what it takes to win...

I've started a new Australian community called aussie_realty, but with a difference. This isn't a community, but rather a game.

You will compete against other players in face-offs and one by one you will be asked to vote each other out of the game until only one champion stands tall and proud. Do you think that champion could be you? You have this week to sign up so be quick.

It is a great way to meet other Australians and just beat your boredom. It is a fun game which I'm sure you will all love.

Give it a shot.

(I will delete this if asked to)

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01:56am 27/09/2005

I made a community! 'Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi-Gras Community'


It's for everyone to join, i'm still in the process of making it pretty and making banners and i need some help because i'm terrible with HTML'

If you're interested please join, i get the feeling it's destined for great things!

X posted everywhere possible!

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09:46pm 04/08/2005
mood: accomplished
Hey guys just pimping tafe_nsw.

A NSW community as you can see :)

Tafe students, ex-tafe students, future Tafe students, come chat!

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